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Gosh I hope [Limit Reached] just means per post, not per image album or something.  Testing it now.  Weird, I can see them in the thread below the editor, meaning they were uploaded.  Hm, whatever the limit was, maybe it was mysteriously extended.  Fine by me, there are victory screenshots to take!

DetailsI faked you outI faked you out
With some trepidation I hit Turn Complete.  I am instantly rewarded with my Conquest Victory screen!  I have done it.  I have completely avoided any and all consequences for finishing the game with nukes.  You just have to make sure you do it all at once.  One turn.  No mercy.

Detailstell me what I don't knowtell me what I don't know
I think it would be cool to have a gruesome gallery of dead leader puppets, twisting and writhing on dehydrated sinews.  But perhaps necromancy is another genre.

Detailslittle stories to telllittle stories to tell
Some people reading this After Action Report may have never played or beaten SMAC before.  So we're going to go through every one of these screens, to let you know what awaits.

Well somehow I just missed the story screenshot that tells you how cool I am.  The Windows Snip & Sketch method didn't work for that.  Should have done old fashioned yadda-PrntScrn, like I did for all those nuke shots.  All I've got now is credits rolling.  Since you can get that even from the main game menu, I'm not going to bother with a screen capture of that.

Detailsit's about the nuke candyit's about the nuke candy
This was probably a low scoring game.  I mean, I trashed at least 1/3 of the Secret Projects.

Dammit, made the same mistake and lost the book titles.  I got "Sentient Econometrics Made Simple".  Yeah real simple, just nuke everything!

Detailsnot much basis of comparisonnot much basis of comparison
I suspect that I've periodically deleted the list of high scores in the course of my mod development.

Detailslose it, Zhakarovlose it, Zhakarov
This gives a replay of who owned what territory during the course of the game.  This is only the last year before I won.  You can see how much territory the University lost in 1 year.

Detailsit's all over and I Am Greatit's all over and I Am Great
This game has already gone for a long time, like have I been at it for a week?  There was a lot of play before I even got to the point of what was supposed to be a "quick" AAR about my summary nuclear victory.  I'm in no mood to sandbox anything.  But hey if anyone's got comments or questions on what they just witnessed, by all means have at it.

For experience's sake, hit "wait, lemme make another few turns" and see how Planet reacts to your bombin' spree. :P

Good God I'd rather not.  I still suffer PTSD from my other AARs, such as The Final Solution.  I've never actually won a post-chemical or post-nuke Planet vengeance scenario.  I wonder if it's even possible, although if it is, make sure you do not piss off multiple factions with atrocities.  They will eventually get around to nuking you!  You need to clean them out one at at time.  That's what I learned from The Final Solution.


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