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Domai Dominates - SMACX AI Growth mod 80x160 map

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DetailsdohdohMission Year 2316.  Oh crap!  I went to check the date for when I can declare Diplomatic Victory.  Looking at my previous screenshot, I noticed something I hadn't before.  If I'm the Governor, I can call the Council every TEN years.  I could have won this game 7 turns ago!  So, without further ado:

Detailsmore popular than Trumpmore popular than TrumpI think I have the votes.

DetailsI am niceI am niceI didn't commit any atrocities the entire game, so no difficulties here.

Detailsmy giant space banner is nicemy giant space banner is niceHow did I get such a big wheel on top of Planet anyways?  Where there's a will, there's a way.

Detailswho careswho caresIs my score cool?  I don't know.

Detailsdrones can do thatdrones can do thatI'd like to get the last several hours of my life back.  So unnecessary.  What will I do differently next time?

Detailsnot really about territorynot really about territoryAs a total percentage of the map, my empire wasn't so much.  But it's an Enormous map, so in absolute terms my empire was pretty big.  Pushing all those Formers around on rails gets tedious.  I also tend to obsess about working every... single... tile... by... hand.  I don't trust the AI to do it, too stupid.  Maybe next time I should stop trying so hard and just nuke everybody?

Detailsquoth the weenie from Aliensquoth the weenie from AliensThis is the first COMPLETE game I've played of my mod, after 2 person months of full time work on it.  What does this game say about version 1.11?  Are the Drones overpowered, or am I just that good?  There aren't really any "weak" factions anymore, I took care of that.  So I can't just, say, pick Morgan to make life harder on myself.  I should probably play another game with myself as "whatever", let the AI play Domai, and fill out the rest with random opponents.  I expected Santiago to do much better, as she has dominated many test games I've played.  But in this one, she was summarily crushed by the Believers.  She must have gotten a really lousy start right next to them.


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