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Detailsmy missing techmy missing techMission Year 2305.  I feel authorized to start The Cloning Vats now.  Other factions already did so, taking advantage of the reshuffling of techs in the version 1.11 rules.  I am more circumspect.

Detailsget out of my waterget out of my waterSantiago settled this base just north of me a long time ago.  It's still annoying and most importantly, nearby.

Detailsmayfly yes mayflymayfly yes mayflyLook at least I didn't call you a cockroach.

DetailsI think you meant womanI think you meant womanWell she's got pluck, for all the fat good it will do her.  The rest of my fleet is approaching her 2nd nearest sea base.

Mission Year 2306.  Santiago didn't surrender when I took her 2nd base.  I can hit a 3rd base with my Cruiser Probe Team next turn.  I think she's going to fight to something close to the bitter end though.  She may hate me for having taken a couple of her bases earlier in the game, and for being Wealthy.  I was actually quite surprised how quickly the other factions folded.

Detailsit is only moneyit is only moneyOut of curiosity, I wondered how close I was to cornering the global energy market.  Surprisingly, I'm there!  So I'm doing it.

Detailsnothing excellent about itnothing excellent about itI didn't realize it takes 20 years to win that way.  I will have Diplomatic Victory before then anyways, and possibly even Total Conquest victory.  Well I'm made of gold bars so this won't hurt me.  That's all surplus cash with nothing to use it on.  I even have enough credits to insta-complete The Cloning Vats next turn.

DetailsI am actually surprisedI am actually surprisedMission Year 2307.  I know the Pirates are allied with the Spartans, but Svensgaard's got some chutzpah to even try a stunt like this.  You'd think being a minor governor in my Wealth empire would be good enough for him?  I guess our Truce did expire recently, so maybe this was to be expected.  Although, I thought he could do better than attack one Former with a Unity Chopper, then run out of fuel and die.  That's it, that's his big offensive.

Detailsthe lost causethe lost causeSo she held out for 3 summary base takeovers rather than 1.  She will go down in the annals of military history as some great general, I think!

Detailsfor the kicking of pirate bootyfor the kicking of pirate bootyMission Year 2309.  I don't need money anymore, so I have shifted my social engineering choices to be more combat oriented and less detrimental to Planet.  I have also upgraded my weaponry to R-Bolts.  I attack the 1st Pirate base next turn.

MY 2313.  I have noticed a bug.  Even though I control the Manifold Nexus, I have a Planet rating of 0.  I have the Network Backbone, which should give me no penalty for choosing a Cybernetic future society.  I think I'm getting a -1 PLANET penalty applied for Cybernetic, then the +1 PLANET for the Nexus, then the penalties for Cybernetic are removed.

Meanwhile, my campaign against the Pirates is slow, and they show no sign of surrendering.  At this rate I will declare Diplomatic Victory in 2319.

Detailsmake me a space tomatomake me a space tomatoMission Year 2314.  I obtain Sky Hydroponics Labs etc., which come late in this mod.  I have long since worked all my tiles and don't need satellites.  Still, I'll chuck out space food until the end of the game.  Playing against the feeble AI, would I ever need these?  Same with Fusion engines, I don't miss them.  The game has about twice as much tech as needed.

Detailsdeath from abovedeath from aboveBefore growing vegetables I'm going to drop a load of Marines on Svensgaard's head.  They can't land directly in the water, but coastal sea bases are vulnerable.  I can land next to them, then attack.  Aerospace Complexes may get in the way of my drops, but I only have to find enough points of weakness to trigger their surrender.

Detailslike I carelike I careMY 2315.  Every Secret Project is mine.  This was the only thing anyone else ever built.

Detailsso boldly sacrificedso boldly sacrificedMY 2316.  The Drop R-Bolt Marines are a failure.  They come down wounded, and then don't even have enough firepower to take out a Plasma defender.  I took a couple of bases with heavy losses but it will not bring the Pirates to heel.  I'm preparing a more traditional invasion of rails along coastlines and piles of Marines.


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