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I complete The Human Genome Project with 60 credits, taking no chances on the last 2 turns.  The Caretakers and the Data Angels are still in the race for The Virtual World with 2 copies each.  I need 12 turns to complete.  As this used to be my Weather Paradigm city, I think the odds are in my favor.  In 3 years I get a new tech, at which time I'll decide whether to start a copy Secret Project in another city, in anticipation of getting The Command Nexus.  Problem is, if one doesn't get a SP, one's city goes into what I call a "climb".  That's when it's stuck building the SP forever and can't do anything else.  It can be mitigated by turning it into a support city, for Formers and the like, so that eventually its productivity slows down to 1 mineral/turn.  I call that "parking" the city.

Detailsvirtually winningvirtually winning
I spend 100 credits to complete my last 3 turns of The Virtual World.  I knock everyone out of the Secret Project races doing so.  I declined to get a copy SP started earlier, because I only managed to research Industrial Base, nothing closer to Doctrine:Loyalty.  With my rapid growth in pretty much every city, I feared a "climb".  I will continue with my Conquer focus, even though The Empath Guild would be more valuable.  Deirdre's in the game and often I cannot out-Explore the Explorer.  There is no particularly strong Builder faction in the game though, so I might be able to out-Build everybody.

I relocated my capitol to the center of the Monsoon Jungle for greater efficiency.  Everyone is building Network Nodes.

Detailskiller deirdrekiller deirdre
This year Deirdre starts 3 copies of The Command Nexus.  How did she manage it?  Her research focus is Explore, so I'm tempted to say she's cheating.  However maybe she got in touch with a faction that gave it away to her.  Can't imagine who that would be.  I haven't mentioned that the Believers are in the game, and doing ok as the graph tells it, but they wouldn't give away that tech.  Could they be fighting and Deirdre stole it?  But I would have expected Miriam to have started it as well.  Unless they started close to each other and are locked in a deadly embrace, no time to build Secret Projects.  Well, this is all speculation.  I like the idea that Deirdre is cheating.

I have nothing to build.  I'm making massive numbers of Probe Teams, which don't cost me any support and can be cashed in as a "poor woman's Supply Crawler" if I do get Doctrine:Loyalty in time.  2 years until my next tech.  I was right about how I would have gotten stuck in a "climb".  Well I've got Impact weapons if anyone bothers me, which they won't.

Detailssurprising neighborsurprising neighbor
Wow, this is totally and utterly weird.  Cha Dawn is my neighbor.  I guess this is what happens when you spend all your time building Secret Projects and very little time exploring.  I've had only 1 or 2 Scouts walking around, taking in what I though was pretty much "my island", although it might be connected to a continent to the south.  I only just found what looks like a land bridge down that way.  Maybe Cha Dawn took a slow boat from very far away and just happened to land here.  I am at dead center of the world map, with ocean on 3 sides, so that's not improbable.

Even more amusing is he's met the Caretakers.  I bought the comm frequency, wonder what they have to say?  I am Planned and the faction info says she's Solicitous, so maybe this won't be awful.  Here goes.  Brrring!  Brring!  "Hey,  ;caretake;.  You're  ;uno and  :stickpoke:  ;lol".  She says, " :tada:  :doh wanna trade?"  My Nonlinear Mathematics for your Field Modulation, sure.  She'll also sell me Doctrine:Flexibility for 125 credits if I come up with the cash.  She likes a Planned woman, mmmm.  Won't sign a Treaty with me though.  "Ok,  :hunter: :dunno: :whip: :clickme:"  ;lol

I wonder how a game where you have to negotiate using emoticons would go?

Detailsdeirdre races miriamdeirdre races miriam
Deirdre adds The Citizen's Defense Force to her extensive portfolio of Secret Projects in progress.  Miriam starts on The Command Nexus, making me wonder if I wasn't wrong about them fighting.  Meanwhile my inventory of Probe Teams is getting ridiculous.  66 active, 10 in production.  I'm pretty sure that's enough to instantly build anything, twice.  Just gimme a tech already!  I'm faffing around with Doctrine:Flexibility which I researched on my own.  The Caretakers are already Ambivalent towards me, perhaps because my empire of Scouts doesn't look like strength.  But what's Cha Dawn gonna do, spit at me?  My production is so high, I could crush her in seconds.

I have 1 "finished" port city which will soon start radiating Skimship Probe Teams to see what the rest of the world looks like.


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