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This is irritating.  Deirdre just finished The Command Nexus this turn.  1 more turn and it would have been instantly mine.  Well at least I have an alternate possible government model now if I want it.  Lots of factions were trying to get it at the end.  Seemed like everyone had this tech but me.  I can't say I'm entirely shocked, because I've played a lot of games where Aki has a rather difficult time acquiring this tech.  Don't know why.  Certainly isn't for lack of Network Nodes and big cities in this game.  I suppose if I wanted to empower the AIs with land masses, I've done a good job.

H'minee dialed me up and said, " :dunno: ;v ;no :writer: ;spock".  Yeah she didn't trade a thing or sign a Treaty.  Complete waste of time.  At least she's Noncommittal, guess my Planned economy still turns her on.

Shifting to Build focus on the premise that Deirdre will out-Explore me.  Also I really could use some energy.  I've got nothing to build.  All these Probe Teams are pretty useless without a SP to complete.  Hmm guess I can build at least 1 Command Center now.

I'm remembering the trick with Colonists, that I can make cities larger than size 7 by adding them to bases, even if I don't have a Hab Complex yet.  However, I don't seem to have the happiness infrastructure to make that obviously a wise choice.  This despite having both The Human Genome Project and The Virtual World.  Hrm, puzzling.  Not Efficient enough maybe?

In my outlying settlements, I've started to build more Formers to service new cities.  My policy is not to go lower than 8 minerals, and to keep my interior Jungle cities free of support burdens.  Perhaps it's time to go Democratic.

Know what?  Forget it.  I'm tired of making Probe Teams.  I'm still settling things and I like free minerals when I start a base.  Gonna start making Formers.  I've got a ridiculous reserve of Probe Teams and no Secret Project to spend them on.  90 active!


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That's a beautiful looking contour map.

Beauty!  Yes, this is a closeup of the beautiful center of the world.

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At 4 AM, this is the state of my world.  5 AM if you count Daylight Savings Time coming into effect.  It's reminding me a lot of my last game, just less finished.  No research yielding Secret Projects anywhere in sight.  I just got Polymorphic Software.  Tomorrow, sometime, I shall resume.

Roze has already started The Planetary Energy Grid, making me realize I'm behind in the Build races.  Perhaps going for Doctrine:Loyalty was a major strategic error.  Maybe the AI gets so many research bonuses on Transcend, that I really shouldn't regard all my Network Nodes and +2 Research bonus as meaning all that much.  Anyways I contacted H'minee to see if she'd trade or sell me Industrial Economics.  Yes, but she wants 300 credits for it.  Pretty much all I have and a pretty outrageous price.  I have 9 years until my next tech, so some time to try again with her.  Maybe her price will come down.

The Monsoon jungle with the Cybernetics? Lucky you.

Lucky, yes, but this game is demonstrating that even a perfect start doesn't make it a cakewalk on Transcend on a Giant map.  The AI definitely seems to know what to do with its (typically) +4 Industry advantage on this difficulty level.  I must have succeeded in my objective of allowing the AI factions to grow.

Detailssecret project copiessecret project copies
H'minee begins The Empath Guild.  I was right that I couldn't out-Explore the Explorer, but I thought that was Deirdre.  Usually the Aliens go Fundamentalist by midgame and their research slows to a crawl.  I don't know if I can count on that this game though.  The Giant map is skewing some otherwise expected phenomenon.  Currently H'minee is Democratic Planned, will she have any reason to change her tune?

The AI factions are making lots of copies of Secret Projects, so I hope they don't get more than 1 at a time to work on.  I wonder if H'minee's new project, will make her uninclined to sell me Industrial Economics at all?  Well, I'm feeling a bit petty about it.  I've never liked the various ways the AI tries to extort me; for instance, I almost never pay tribute.


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