SMAX - Christmas Complete!
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Description: Scenario Name: SMAX - Christmas Complete!
Author: Larrin and Buster's Uncle
Date of original posting: 12/24/09
Original host site: WPC

Well here it is, after many sporadic bursts of activity, from
Buster's Uncle & myself, over the last month or so, x-mas scenario
is ready... the scenario is nothing special, just quite an aggressive
game, but the factions and graphics will work for a normal game as
well... Just follow the easy steps below:

1 - Back up your SMAX folder

2 - Unzip the 'Santa's Longest Xmas' in the scenarios folder.

3 - unzip the smaxmas1 through 6 in the main SMAX directory

4 - unzip 'facs' and 'projs' in the same named sub directories in the smax folder

5 - Load SMAX, choose your favorite Smaxmas Faction and enjoy...

Posted by: Buster's Uncle May 03, 2014, 10:25:19 PM

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