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A lot of numbers that Alpha Centauri uses are modified. In most cases, they stack geometrically, but in some cases they stack arithmetically.

Modifier stacking follows the following rules (please add anything not included):

-Energy production percentage bonuses from facilities stack arithmetically. Project-based boosts ( Supercollider, Theory of Everything, Longevity Vaccine, Space Elevator) stack geometrically.

-Mineral production percentage bonuses stack arithmetically; this includes the +50% mineral production from the Bulk Matter Transmitter.

-Combat modifiers stack geometrically, but "scaling" combat modifiers such as that for morale, or for PLANET rating in psi combat, scale arithmetically.


-If there are two +25% modifiers modifying a base number, that base number receives an overall +50% and not a +56.25% (two separate increases of 25%) modifier.

-If a base has both a Network Node and a Fusion Lab and is producing 8 labs base, it will produce 16 labs total (+50% from the Node and +50% from the Lab for +100% total, not +125%.) (However, if it also has The Supercollider, it will produce 32 labs and not just 24; project-based increases to energy stack geometrically.)

-If a unit is equipped with a Resonance Laser (+25% combat strength when engaging in psi combat and attacking) as its weapon and has Empath Song (+50% combat strength when engaging in psi combat and attacking) as one of its abilities, then it receives a total of +87.5% combat strength (via geometrical stacking).

-Each morale level increases a unit's combat bonus by 12.5%. Thus, a unit advancing from Disciplined to Hardened has an increased combat bonus of 12.5%. Advancing again from Harden to Veteran grants a total increased combat bonus of 25%.