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'Alpha Centauri' Trademarked By EA


This is potentially very good news:

--- Quote ---Firaxis Games’ spiritual successor to Civilization II’s Space Race conclusion, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, might see new life in this generation. The all-seeing eyes over at NeoGAF have spotted two unique and new EA trademarks for the game (simply Alpha Centauri) across the US and Europe, which begs the question of what exactly the publisher plans to do with the sci-fi inspired, turn-based strategy property.

Trademarks are a slippery slope in the gaming arena. It’s just as possible that we’ll never see Alpha Centauri in a new form as it’s possible that we could. EA isn’t talking and I seriously doubt it will until it has a marketing campaign good and ready. Also, to be crystal clear, the trademarks are for “computer game software” and “online computer games.”

One place we’d love to see the game again would be, naturally, on the iPad. Turn-based games function pretty well on the platform in general, and provided any possible new form of the game keeps to the original’s roots, we see ourselves having a blast with it. Heck, we’d even take a straight-up port of the 1999 game. Fingers crossed.
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