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Survive or Perish
« on: May 03, 2014, 08:39:54 PM »
Scenario Name: Challenge 30 smax Survive or Perish
Author: Mart
Date of original posting: 10/8/06
Original host site: Apolyton

For some time, I thought about a challenge scenario that would be on a
small map. Huge maps are a bit difficult to handle in the late game,
especially for persons who like to manage bases with more detail. This
scenario uses custom size map - 30x60. I thought about a series of
challenges like this. SMACX one would be coded: C30x, and SMAC ones:
C30v (for vanila).
This game might use a name:
Survive or Perish
game code:

You play Spartans against 6 other factions: Hive, University, Morganities, PK, Drones and Pirates.
AI factions are significantly enhanced. There are also new units, check
datalinks, so you are less surprised. Some unit abilities, weapons are
slightly moved due to pre-defined units. Doctrine Initiative gives now
carriers and submarines.

Victory conditions:
All without cooperative. AI accomodates appropriately, and having playtested the scanario, I can tell - trust noone.

Special rules:

1) Stockpile bug is not allowed.
However, you may leave empty queue after facility or SP.

2) You have to either build SP Voice of Planet or conquer a base having it in order to win by Transcendence.

3) There is no deadline, also if you fail and want to restart, you are welcome to do so.

For ranking purposes:
AC score counts with the following addition:
- for completed game each turn before 2200 there is bonus +30 points.
- for each turn after 2200 there is a penalty -30 points.

For Alpha Centauri.ini
Faction 1=SPARTANS
Faction 2=HIVE
Faction 3=UNIV
Faction 4=MORGAN
Faction 5=PEACE
Faction 6=PIRATES
Faction 7=DRONE

Good luck and make positive scores!;sa=view;down=239


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