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February CGN Challenge
« on: May 01, 2014, 04:22:42 AM »
Scenario Name: February CGN Challenge
Author: Darsnan
Date of original posting: 1/28/04
Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

Backdrop for the February Challenge: by MY 2473, several Factions
have established themselves as the dominant forces in the Alpha Centauri
solar system. Planet Busters, Drop Units, helicopters armed with Nerve
Agent, and growing hordes of native lifeforms make it clear that, with a
single spark, Planet could very well go the way of Earth, and erupt
into devastating global warfare!
In these most ominous of times, several minor factions discover the
wreckage of a Progenitor interstellar spaceship on the farside of
Nessus. In utmost secrecy the Factions agree to pool their meager
resources and reverse-engineer the alien spaceship, hoping that by using
the interstellar drive they can find a new home, free from the dominion
of the dominant Factions on Planet.
After much discussion, the Faction leaders agree that their destination
is to be an Eden-like planet labeled on the salvaged Progenitor star
charts simply as “Colony: Failed”.
By MY 2492, 1,000 years after Columbus made his historic voyage, the
spaceship Santa Maria is ready, and the hyperjump is made to the Beta
Lyrae solar system.
However, upon arriving in-system, the spaceships sensors indicate that
the planet chosen for colonization is not the pristine Garden of Eden
listed in the Progenitor database, but an eroded wasteland, showing only
brief glimpses of what this planet must once have been like.
Discouraged by this turn of events, a council is called, and it is
agreed that another promising solar system is to be chosen for the
purpose of colonization.
Just as the Progenitor-cloned hyperdrive is being activated, a strange
alien spaceship materializes in the space above you, attacking your
spaceship and sending it into a decaying orbit around the planet below,
known as Beta Prime.
Now, armed only with what you could hastily salvage from the spaceship,
you must begin anew on the former Progenitor colony planet of Beta

In this Scenario you will play the Pirates, and the objective, as
always, is conquest, with the Challenge winner at the end of February
being the person who can achieve this in the least amount of turns!
Simply unzip the attached file into your Scenarios folder, and then play
the game as a Scenario.
Also, since this game is occuring in a different solar system than
Alpha Centauri, there are no mindworms, IoD's, Locusts, or the like.
Instead I have built a new 8th Faction which I hope you will find
"entertaining". I have developped a complete storyline to accompany this
new world of Beta Prime, and will start revealling it as reports start
trickling back into this thread of what you the players are up against/
have experienced in this Challenge. Also, to spur feedback on this
Challenge, I will award 50 RM's to the first person posting something
new as far as units, AI strategies, etc., into this thread. If you can
post a picture of the event/ unit/ etc. , then that would be even
Finally, many thanx to my Beta Tester, Flubber, whose colorful
vocabulary in describing his reactions to my creations I have been
enjoying the past several weeks!

Welcome, my friends, to Beta Lyrae......;sa=view;down=202


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