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The Free Drones - K.Pedersen

The Free Drones were founded very early in Planet's history, only 60 years after Planetfall. During the early years after Planetfall, the Human Hive was even more restrictive than it is currently, as Chairman Yang had much more direct control over his subjects. Nevertheless, there were rebellions.
Domai was a young man, born to drone parents. He grew up in the Hive, indoctrinated into Yang's beliefs, pursuing the Hive ideal of each person contributing to the glory of humanity as a whole. His defense of Hive ideology and his natural intelligence and strength drew attention to him. He soon became part of the Hive leadership cadre, and slowly began to rise through the ranks.
However, as Domai matured, he found himself drifting away from some of the Hive's basic concepts. In particular, he began to reject Yang's contention that humans were valueless except when they contributed to the whole. Domai asked himself "If humans are valueless except when they contribute to society, why then does society have value?" He came to the conclusion that all humans have value, but they only fulfill that value when they help others achieve their potential, through their contributions to human society. Domai also began to question the nihilism of Yang's philosophy. As he experienced more and more of life outside the education creche, he saw many things that suggested that it was not only will that gave humans purpose and meaning.
Indeed, Domai was struck by the simple power of those who resisted attempts to break them down. They gained meaning through resistance, not through imposing their will on others. In his private thoughts, Domai questioned Yang's leadership more and more.
Domai kept these reflections private, but some hint of them began to be noticed by his superiors. His rise in the hiearchy slowed, and he began to get more unpleasant tasks assigned to him. He was often involved in supressing drone dissent, activities that only added fuel to the fire of his doubt...

(end of part 1)

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