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Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri has been re-released



Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri has been re-released by Good Old Games (GOG). The game may be downloaded from this page at 5.99USD and is free of DRM (control technologies that limit the usage of digital content and devices). However, Alien Crossfire, the expanssion pack for SMAC is not included in the download.
Bonus content included for FREE with the game: the game manual.

Has anyone bought this?  I assume anyone reading this has a CD-ROM copy from 1998.  I want to know if it is actually something different that runs smoother on windows7 or can change the resolution or avoids those colour problems?.

i bought this release too. the game comes already patched up to version v5.0, but this is the only difference from previous versions.
i'm using it on WinXP so i can't tell anything about how it works on Win7, but from what i read, if you make the following change in the Alpha Centauri.ini file,  you will force Alpha Centauri to run at your desktop resolution

--- Code: ---DirectDraw=0
--- End code ---

by "colour problems" you mean when you alt-tab out of the game?


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