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Here, you addicts should publish your profiles, so you can contact each other for games, and also to check in on someone if there are problems.

I promise not to pass your names to the cops... :salute:

User: T_ras
MPing since: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ago
Plying level: Naive
Expectable turn rate: 1 per day
Prefered faction: Hive (I'm nerve stapled...)
Mail: martin_t # @ # netvision # . # net # . # il
PBEM: What? you didnt see me there?
IP: no time :(
Notes: CMN and happy player :)

User: Earthmichael
MPing since: Forever (Really 1980 or so with Peter Langson's Empire on UNIX)
Plying level: Expert
Expectable turn rate: 1-2 per day, except when traveling
Prefered faction: Depends upon map, but in general, University
Mail: michael # @ # montgo # . # us
PBEM: Yes, lots
IP: No
Notes: I particularly like 2 faction verses 2 faction  one-on-one games.  To me, they seem much richer than playing a single faction, they do not add that much to the playing time, and I am MUCH more likely to get a game to conclusion with just a single other player than if there are 3 other players playing the same 4 factions.

User: Bodissey
MPing since: 1999 or so
Plying level: dilettante
Expectable turn rate: 1 per day, vacations can disrupt though
Prefered faction: Drones, Gaians, Cult, PK
Mail: mr_fab75 [curly thing] yahoo [dotty thingy] fr
IP: No
Notes: more interested in role playing my faction than victory at all cost.

MPing: Just started basically, my previous experience is negligible.
Playing Level: A moldy doing it for fun.
Expectable turn rate: At least once per few days, if im more active, once per day.
Preferred Faction: Drones, I don't have any prejudice against the others.  Edit: If possible, the Crimson Comrades.
PBEM: Forgot what this meant exactly, assuming it's play by email, I have a maximum limit of two to three games, any more I will just be quagmired.
IP: No.
Notes: Interested in having fun and having some roleplay, I more or less just want to play as a faction would, not competitively trying to outright kill my opponents.


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