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Newcomer? Welcome!

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You just found your way into SMAC community! :danc:
Now you can walk around the forums and learn, or get to real business and ask for a game  ;b;
I'll see you have one!

Now sit down, relax, and enjoy your journey on this new planet.... 8)

PS: you can reach me by PM or at martin_t  # @ # netvision # . # net # . # il

Buster's Uncle:
A word for those new to Multiplayer about spectator protocol - try to keep the TTTs (Turn Tracking Threads) fairly clean and on-topic.  This isn't very important when a game is being roll-played and/or they're talking some smack, but if it's all posts like "turned" and  ;deidre;--> ;domai;, then think before posting there, although a question might be okay.

It's not as likely to be an issue in game organizing threads either.  Also, joking around is part of having a good time, and AC2 wants everyone to have a good time.  Just be considerate.

What the actual players in a given game do in the TTT is up to them, of course, but they need to be considerate of the other players. too.

Don't be shy about asking around for a game - post in the sign-up thread for one.

We hope both new and old MPlayers will be sure to introduce themselves in this thread.  We're glad to have you here, and would like to get to know you...

Buster's Uncle:
Another tip - leave your PM email notification on, and be in the habit of checking the email address you gave the forum daily - it makes it simpler to get in touch with you.

Paddy Junior:
Hi! I've been playing SMAC since about 2005 and i've recently just got the game back, i'm really excited to see people still play this game, i wouldn't say i know the game inside out but i enjoy playing.
I have never played a multiplayer game before and i'd love to start one however, PBEM sounds reaaaaallly slow, is there a faster way that we could play at the same time? like everyone plays at the same time? I think it would be really cool if we could. I'm new here so any info on tactics, new updates or anyone wanting a game, fell free to include me. Thanks folks!

Buster's Uncle:
There's a thread somewhere on the ins and outs of a live hookup.  Search "hamachi" and/or "DrazharLN".


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