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Small Map of Chiron without Jungle

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Small Map of Chiron without Jungle

This is the small Map of Chiron by M@ni@c with the Monsoon Jungle removed. It's the official map of the c.o.p tournament (don't know what tournament was that!  ???  anyone?).
It is ideal for short MP IP games.

Link to the downloads entry.

Direct download link: :clickme:

Niiice. I like small maps, mostly because I used them when I started playing SMAC, since I only had the demo back then and wanted to explore as much of the map as possible in my 100 turns. It's quite possible to achieve a conquest victory on a "tiny planet" map in less than 100 turns.

Buster's Uncle:
I play the living heck out of that demo for months, and I only managed it once, ISTR.

ISTR? I did it with the Spartans, going broke for as many troops units and military facilities from the start.

Buster's Uncle:
I seem to recall.

I did it with the Gaians and captured worms.  It was mighty frustrating trying to win under that 100-turn limit; I was playing so much I dreamed about playing, and only won that once.  The Believers were tough.


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