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rcb is reactivating the freecivAC project:

--- Quote from: rcb on August 15, 2012, 05:37:51 PM ---..Getting to a more practical issue, a former dev of the freecivAC ruleset confirmed that nobody has been interested in that project since 2003, and that he will add me as a dev on the sourceforge repository, so that I can update the files, the site, etc. So I will from now on call this project freecivAC, that is, I am reactivating that project and picking up where they left, and keeping the name. I find it deliciously recursive that I am reactivating an abandoned project to port an abandoned game :)

For the time being, I will concentrate on the phase of this project to get AC rules and features into freeciv as much as possible. As soon as it is playable, I will bring it to the forums and ask for playtesters, and criticism. This should take quite a while, but should also be a lot of fun :)

--- End quote ---

here's the link to freecivAC:

you can join the discussion here:   :link:


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