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Since no one has responded to my request for a ladder game, is anyone interested in a non-ladder game? 

If so, what kind of setup would you like?

Edit by sisko: below is the updated setup

SetupPreferencesBodisseyAIEarthmichaelAIt_rasAIArmageddon-FactionsGaiansHiveUniversityMorganitesSpartansBelieversPeacekeepersSMAXGame: SMAC/SMAX & patchesv2.0(XP patch)+unofficial patch(Scient)randomMap: Random or notrandomrandomprefer not ramdomrandomLargeSizeMedium/LargeMediumLargeMediumLargeaverageOcean coverageaverageaverageaverageaverageaverageErosive forcesaverageaverageaverageaverageabundantNative life formsabundantaverageabundantaverageaverageCloud coveraverageaverageminimalaverageonUnity pods: on/offononon!!!onoffTranscendDifficulty levelTranscendTranscendTranscendTranscendTranscendonAllow Victory by TranscendenceononononononAllow Victory by ConquestononononononAllow Diplomatic VictoryononononononAllow Economic VictoryononononononAllow Cooperative VictoryononononononDo or Die: Don't restart eliminated players-------onLook first: Flexible starting locationsonononononoffTech stagnation: slower rate of research discoveriesonoffoffonoffoffSpoils of war: Steal tech when conquer baseoffoffonoffoffoffBlind research: cannot set precise research goalsoffonoffoffoffoffIntense Rivalry: Opponents more aggressivoffoffoffoffoffonNo Unity Survey: World Map not visibleonononononoffNo Unity Scattering: Supply Pods only at landing sitesoffoffoffoffoffonBell Curve: No Random EventsoffononoffonoffTime Warp: Accelerated Start (on/off/custom*)offoffoffoffoffonIron Man: Save/Restore restricted to exit-------offRandomize faction leader personalitiesoffoffoffoffoffoffRandomize faction leader social agendasoffoffoffoffoff24hExpected turn rate (usually 24h)24h24h24h24h24h6Number of days to wait before turn is 'pushed'** 73737


Just came back from real life to enjoy some PBEM. I'm therefore interested in a game ladder or non-ladder.

I enjoy blind research and random events to spice things up. But I'm not adamant about these. Feel free to adjust to your needs and wants.

My ideal kind of game I described in my previous topic, asking for a ladder game.  The basics are 2 or 3 factions for each of two players, balanced start on a balanced map.

For a non-ladder game, I am open to a lot of things like random events that I would not like in a ladder game.

There are a couple of things that I would not consider for any kind of game:

1. Random faction assignment.  I want to select the faction I will be playing.

2. Blind research.  I can't stand blind research.  Research is too important to leave to chance.  To me, it would like having all of my units move randomly, and to randomly establish cities.

Anyway, if you want to try a game, let's talk about how we would like to set up the game.  Thanks!


no one else seems to be interested in a new PBEM so, why don't you play a 1v1 game for the ladder?


--- Quote from: sisko on August 24, 2012, 08:57:54 AM ---no one else seems to be interested in a new PBEM so, why don't you play a 1v1 game for the ladder?

--- End quote ---

That is actually what I am asking for.  A 1vs1 game either ranked (for ladder) or unranked, whichever my opponent wants.  My preferred 1vs1 game has each of us playing 2 factions (I think it is more interesting that way), but I would consider any setup with a balanced start for a ladder game.


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