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SMAC/X Screenshots.


I seem to be having a bit of trouble that I can not figure out.

My typical method of [PRT-SC] then tab out to copy to MS Paint is only giving me incomplete gibberish. A google on this has revealed nothing. I am also thinking this may have something to do with the display mode SMAX puts my laptop dispay into. Though, I am not sure what to do about it. This method seems to do fine for other games.

Question: How do you guys get those screenshots? Is there some setting or some program I am overlooking?

Buster's Uncle:
Try this thread a few posts down, and see if the suggestions I gave Uno do the trick.

Actually, Uncle, it was somewhat helpful. But by trial and error, I think I have figured it out.

The problem is that you have to run MSpaint while running SMAX. You then tab out and paste. Now the colors are going to be all 1990s on you. But this is okay. Once you leave SMAX and the desktop is back to normal resolution, the resolution will be okay. I think you have to also adjust the default size MSpaint pastes or you will have the bottom part of the screen cut off.

Buster's Uncle:
That's about the size of it, though I've not used the latest version of MSPaint enough to have encountered this default paste size thing.


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