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New Ladder Game Requests


Now that I have successfully moved, and have more time available, I would like to start at least two new SMAX ladder games. Here are the basics of what I am looking for.

1. One-vs-one games. I find that involving more players makes the game exponentially more likely to fail, and greatly decreases the speed of the game.

2. I prefer team games, where I and my opponent each control two or three allied factions. To speed things up, all of my opponent’s factions go first, in whatever order my opponent chooses, and then my factions go next. This way, there is only one exchange of turns at the end of the complete team turn of each player. So we can have a 3 faction vs. 3 faction game, with only a single exchange of emails per turn.

3. I insist on a balanced map. Currently, the only balanced map I know of is the balanced VETS Map. I am perfectly fine with that map, but also willing to consider any other balanced map.

4. Other things we can negotiate, such as which factions are permitted, atrocities, helicopters, etc. You can look at the setup of my last game to see if that suits you. In general, I like to ban atrocities (because the penalties are minimal without AI players involved). I like to ban helicopters, because their multi-attack capability is simply unbalanced for an air unit with their cost. I like to ban exploits, such as build queue manipulations.

5. I prefer an opponent who can typically turn around 2 turns per day for the early turns, 1 turn per day starting at turn 50, and 3 turns per week starting about turn 100. In other words, I am looking for a fairly committed opponent.  Of course, occasional gaps for travel, vacation, etc. can be expected, but hopefully not more than once a month.

6. I am an expert at this game. I have not been beaten in a game with a balanced start in over 10 years. I am looking for an expert opponent. What I mean by expert is that a typical transcendental game with every AI player against you right from the start is not particularly difficult for you; you win at least 90% of the time. If you are not also expert, please play with the AI or someone else to improve your skills before you challenge me.

7. I am willing to handicap myself a bit.  For example, I always allow my opponent to go first.  This seems like a little thing, but this means my opponent's factions always win a tie when building secret projects.  I am also willing to allow my opponent first pick of factions (within certain limits for team games), and pick only from my opponents 'leftovers'.  If I cannot find anyone willing to play a straight game, I am willing to play 2 factions verses my opponets 3 factions, with some minor balancing adjustments.  However, a 2 verses 3 game cannot be a ladder game.

If you are interested in starting a game with those terms, please post or PM me. One game is reserved for Roninscg if he is interested in a rematch, since he had requested a game months ago, but I could not play at that time due to moving. But I am very interested in starting a second game as well, if anyone is interested in the type of game that I proposed.


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