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Father Ganja:
Ive created a steam group that could be used for communicating for potential games or just socializing in general. Do any of you use steam?

I do... but seems like that is nobody else that would do so :)

so, how does this steam thing work? you have to buy the game from them to join the group?
do you have some means to find AC players online, start a MP game, etc?

Well no, you don't have to buy a game to get on steam. But you can. And you get games that are for free there :)

With that said it's really a combination of community/chat/games provider and it's one of the places that I like :)

I'd like to join this group. Steam is an awesome tool not only for purchasing and playing games but it's got a pretty good friends and groups system.

Send me an invite: solidz12


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