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HSBA double duel game TTT

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This thread is for "double duel" MP game:

roninscg - Hive, Spartans
Kirov - Believers, Data Angels

On Veterans map with removed central island, which is replaced with deep ocean.
- All techs available from the start.
- Map is "visible", no dark tiles, but they are covered with "fog" until visited.
- Starting units increased, but Spartans have one rover instead of scout infantry and DA have one probe team, which defaults to elite for this tech level.
- Your factions have no contact with each other, so let it be additional task for your factions to enable trade, one has to send a unit to contact. I assume, the alphax.txt has enabled "No commlink before contact" feature for MP.
- The setup is: left side Hive-Sparta, right Believers-Data Angels.

Everything seems ok, I send passwords in PMs.

Thank you so much, Mart, and let's take it away!

roninscg, as is tradition - GG, GL, HF and most of all, IMBY:

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Let the more wretched one win! I can't wait to compete for that label. :danc:

My alpha.txt has the commlinks enabled from the start (that is the default), so let's make sure our halves meet in game before trade (I've just read about that in Mart's post).


Thank you, Mart,


Before we start, we need to discuss something,

I honestly think that we need to ban SP space elevator

what do you think about that?
I  think there's no need to explain why,

Sorry for the late response, we've got another political turmoil in PL and my mind is away from SMAC. Yes, let's. However, it's not the only SP I was worried about. What do you think about Cloning Vats? Seem definitely OP to me. And we can go through the list again and share thoughts. Mart put some effort in this game, no need to break it all with, well, game-breakers.


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