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I was invited here by Buster's Uncle, whose graphics I have hijacked for my purposes :D

Anyways, I'm in the midst of balancing a custom faction and creating a scenario- how does one rename landmarks?

I have some issues with changing base graphics, despite using standard colors or even just cut/pasting other faction graphics in GIMP I'm getting blue/purple/pink backgrounds- incredibly annoying.

I'm guessing I should post up the image- how do I attach it?

Buster's Uncle:
Right under the composition box for replies, it should say "Attachments and other options" click on that.

See if I've addressed what you want to know about the faction art in the Graphics thread.  I'll see if I can answer more specific questions, should you still need help afterwards.  Hopefully sisko or Kilkakon can help you with the landmarks, though ISTR that it's an easy trick.

Yeah, the map editor is pretty unwieldy compared to the ones for RTSes I normally play. I JUST realized it wasn't part of the map editor- changing names of landmakrs doesn't require the map editor, its part of the Map tool....

Yep. Noticed the attachments. Loading now.

Ever read Revalation Space? I'm going to make Ultras and Demarchists as well. Maybe the Grubs as an alien race.


--- Quote from: NewAgeOfPower on June 17, 2012, 05:50:26 AM ---Ever read Revalation Space? I'm going to make Ultras and Demarchists as well. Maybe the Grubs as an alien race.

--- End quote ---

My Mom has read Revelation Space!!! I'm just saving the ebook series on my tablet for rainy day purposes.

Nice Gimp image too (I MUST practice Gimping more) -- let me know when you have the rest of the faction done and I'll take it for a test toast.

Buster's Uncle:
Not familiar with Revelation Space, no.

I'd say that's a strong faction graphic yopu've got there - all the elements look good.  If you're having the problem I think you are with the background color, you need to paste all the elements into a copy of blank.pcx.pcx, which you can find in Downloads, and only takes a minute once you know how.  Let me check to see if I've posted the relevant instructions in Graphics...


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