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GOTM March 2019, Exiles: Miriam's Vengeance SMAC

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SMAC game. Remember, this is SMAC game!  ;miriam;

Southern Chiron hemisphere, Somewhere..., Mission Year 2190

Mission Year 2190, Day 1.

Miriam Godwinson took a deep breath. Since the landing yesterday, she got some 3 hours sleep. She was needed to make crucial decisions and did not want to leave them for her lieutenants. The air in the cabin of an escape pod was stale, but at least, one could breathe without a mask.

The pod landed on a wide beach deep in unexplored territory in the southern hemisphere. They only knew about this terrain what was visible to the line of horizon. The landing itself must have been overseen by God, since all pods, that managed to start from the last Believer's base, successfully flew over the ocean and barely on fuel fumes "drifted" over water to the first land they could find. Yes, it was a day yesterday...

* * *

Mission Year 2190, Day 0.

A plasma sentinel soldier rushed in to their local base command center in The Glory of God, the last base, that was still not conquered by Hiverian and University forces.
"We need to go now, Sister! NOW!" He was clearly desperate to convince them to leave the building immediately. Miriam looked towards Lt. Camia.
"All documents destroyed" Camia replied turning away from the shredder machine.
Miriam pointed to the main command computer.
"Soldier, destroy this."
"Yes, Sister, right away" he took a gun rifle from his shoulder.
"With explosive rounds" Miriam said.
The soldier shoot two longer rounds across the device. They could hear loud clanking sounds and sand-like sounds of electronics being torn to pieces.

They run out of the building. The smoke from flames of burning base facilities to the west was filling large part of the air. Somewhere to the south there was a large storage area warehouse, where they prepared some of the escape pods exactly for this occasion. It was the closest.
Miriam running turned on her inter-com.
"Miriam here. Commander Cassian, are you there?"
"This is Cassian. Where are you now?"
"We left command center... We are running south."
"You have the warehouse pods the closest to you, as we planned. There are three. I put more fuel in the largest one, Sister. Take the largest."

A minute later they reached storage field entrance. There it was, the largest pod.

Far in the distance to the east, she could see two Hiverian rovers rolling over a hill, behind base outskirts. Camia and the soldier were running towards the largest pod.
"No" Miriam shouted "take this one." She pointed towards the smaller pod, but closer to them. They reached it in several seconds and entered the pod. It already had a crew and they helped them to the seats.

Pilot was watching surroundings on a monitor. Camera was showing some shadowy figures running from the northern end of the storage field. They seemed to be hiding when running behind patches of smoke, so they could approached unnoticed, but it was in vain. University Commandos!
"Take them out" Miriam ordered.
"We will manage to start before they reach us, Sister" the pilot answered. "The other pods can deal with them."

A very loud explosion suddenly rocked their pod. A missile salvo from a rover on the hills has hit the largest pod. The pilot pulled the start lever and sudden g-force pushed them into the seats strongly. Yes, it was God's doing. If they got to that largest pod, they all would be dead now.

* * *

Mission Year 2190, Day 1.

Miriam walked towards a pod, where Commander Cassian established their present command center. Twelve pods started from The Glory of God base and twelve landed here on this shore successfully. She took a binocular and scanned horizon. To the west she could see rocky hills and some mountains behind them. To the east there were fungal fields. And to the south there was flat terrain covered with occasional patches of green Chiron grass.

They had no big choice where to establish a new base, but this was not that bad place. She was sure, no Hive or University unit could reach them here for long time. They had time to rebuild.

- - - = = = * * * * * = = = - - -

The attached is folder of the GOTM with scenario (.sc file) file and two txt files, that provide additional info.
- Unzip the compressed GOTM to your scenario folder.
- Start scenario from the .sc file in the folder.

THIS IS SMAC game. Vanilla, not expansion. Important info, so that you do not load the game in expansion game.
The game can be played with official game executable (PP, GOG, etc.) or patches, that do not change alpha.txt rules. Yitzi installation would work also in SMAC.

Scenario Objectives
Achieve listed below in smallest possible number of turns.
- Retake New Jerusalem. The original base must exist in order to qualify for victory.
- Eliminate both Hive and University factions.
- You or any AI can NOT achieve any other victory condition before the above.

Competition will be considered in Transcend and Librarian difficulties, but you can choose any of them in scenario.

- For competition, in case of the same date, Victory Points on F8 screen decide.
- Standings for Librarian and Transcendence difficulties will be held separately.
- Submissions after deadline are ranked in Consolation Standings.

Submission Deadline:
30 days after the next GOTM is posted, but not before the last day of May 2019.


There is open spoiler thread, if you wish to discussed game, that you already played/or just playing.

= = = = = = = =
SUBMISSIONS, till 2019.05.19
= = = = = = = =
- mogelfritz, 2250

greetings,  new to dis page...i'd like to participate but fail to start scenario. i'm using clean gog version of SMAC, unzipped files  in scenario folder. a GOTM folder (containing the files) is listed there in windows explorer, but doesnt appear on scenario list from within any idea what i am missing? or do i need to patch s.t.? tyvm :)

It may be, that you just need to navigate to the folder you unzipped. SMACX has no detection of .sc files in folder tree, as far as I know, so you need to just enter the folder yourself.

thx, got it solved. ac didnt refresh read the folder "scenario", so the list it presented was somehow like a cache list. i had to navigate far out (volume root) and back to force it to read the folder contents. then there it was...

p.s. so there is time until end of may to try?


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