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SMAC - Alpha Centauri on sale at GOG this weekend for $2.99


Alpha Centauri is on sale at GOG this weekend for $2.99

Unfortunately, they don't seem to have Alien Crossfire.  Maybe if enough people asked, they would do it.

Father Ganja:
I wish they would add SMAX. Shall we start a petition?

Sure, I would sign a petition.  I wouold like another copy of SMAX, just for the heck of it, even though I already bought two copies of Alien Crossfire myself.

I agree. Some may be SMAX haters, but you have to admit SMAX improves the game as far as the spore launchers and fungal towers. Even if some of the factions might have needed a bit more thought. SMAX should be the standard. Just like very few do vanilla Civ 4 or Warlords. It is Beyond the Sword or nothing.


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