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scient v2 patch (Unofficial SMAC/SMAX patch v2.0)

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scient v2 patch (Unofficial SMAC/SMAX patch v2.0);sa=view;down=364

Edit: superseded by v2.1. Check the downloads section here on AC2 or the github releases:

The wiki states that V2 was released in 2014.  Is that correct?

I think that date is right, but I don't remember for sure and it is hard to search for. It was mostly integrated into yitzi's patch and not released separately. I later released it on its own.

Ok, I was curious beacuse this post is from 2018.  But I guess that explains it.

I'm glad to see an update and will post it on the GOG forum's unofficial patch page. However, does this add back the unit limit whose removal reportedly causes crashes in large games?


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