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Svensgaard is a douchebag

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Roze ended our pact.  That's not so good because she might get ornery with probe teams.  I've had no time to make any.  I really didn't intend to have a land war with someone.  I haven't actually gotten any benefit out of the Nexus yet either.  Just popped an Isle with my scout ship, and had to kill it.

I'm going to refrain from putting another city right next to Data DeCentral.  Given that Roze has so much land to expand into, I don't think she's actually going to push a colony right up on her own border, within 2 squares of her capitol.  That's the sort of thing AIs do when they're really squeezed for space.  Even if she did, it wouldn't immediately give her access to the Nexus.  It probably never would.  I think she'd have to take over 1 of the 3 surrounding cities to do it.  Which if she's going to encroach, is frankly the way to go.

I really hope she isn't about to whap the crap out of me with probe teams.  I have no answer for that.

Time to start making a shell of sea bases.  I'm really not sure where my capitol is going to end up.  Deadman Tavern seems natural, but it's awfully close to Data DeCentral.  Not a good move if we stay at peace.

You know?  It's 2 AM and I'm quitting the game.  I don't like it.  Feels like a drag.  Although my position is plenty viable, I think that long delay getting my capitol going at the beginning, may have hurt me.  I also really don't like being squeezed against Roze and I didn't have much choice about that.  Assuming I was going to capture the Nexus, which seemed like a totally rational thing to do.  Why does Roze have to have her capitol right next to that?  I'm also annoyed that I'm not basically being a Pirate.  All this landlubbering!

Likely to be a waste of mouseclicks.  So that was almost another 3 hours out of my life, if the timestamps are correct.

I may also just be burnt out on this today, and uninterested in any game that isn't "good".


I blew off this game.  Arguably this could have been an interesting game: a Pirate doing very "un-Pirate-like" things.  But that's the rub: why be a Pirate?  It's like an Existential question.  Safety, or arguably convenience, would dictate staying out of reach offshore.  Why not play that game?  Sure I could play this game, but what kind of Pirate do I want to be anyways?  What exact play style?  Completely off-coast?  Touching coast?  Barely inland?  Way inland, like this game?  Well I found out it's too annoying to have an Erratic next door neighbor.  Roze, we were friends, think of all the great !@#@! we had together!

In previous AARs, I have intoned a potential desire to do more of a Roleplay game with the Pirates, where I find a reason to "drown Planet" again.  I've done it in the past; it is not nearly as satisfying as one might hope, because enemy factions merely degrade in floods.  They are not destroyed, and the fantasy was about destroying everyone with the power of the sea.  Well, I've thought about Roleplaying a phobia of the land instead, although I'm not settled on that character motive.  Anyways I have bigger plans for Pirates than this game.  Call this particular game an unsatisfactory dry run.  Ha ha, dry run, get it??


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