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How to change faction flag colors?

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I am playing a game set up by a moderator.  When I recently installed a different version of SMACX to take care of some bugs I had run into, the faction displayed changed, and the colors changed to match.

However, the lettering the flags did NOT change.  So when my University started displaying Spartan black flags, the lettering inside the flags remained black, making it unreadable.  I need a way to change at least the flag color, or preferable all the faction display properties back to University.

I have played a couple of turns since then, but I cannnot continue.  It takes far too long to scope out my supply crawlers and terraformers to see if any are idle, and what the formers are doing.  What I could do at a glance if the flags were readable, now takes minutes to select each square.  I cannot continue the game under those circumstances.

So if anyone knows how to change at least the flag colors to something where the lettering is visible, I would greatly appreciate the help!

- Earthmichael

Buster's Uncle:
This is a new one by me, but sounds like a variation on the MP/Scenario faction graphics bug.  You might try starting a new game with exactly the same factions in exactly the same order; save that game without bothering to move anything, and load it before you load the save of your problem game. 

I have no idea if that will work, but it might be worth trying...

Buster's Uncle:
...On the other hand, I wonder if you've got a corrupted save.  Is there any way you could try a pre-problem save?

I tried your suggestion.  I went to the very first turn of the game, and the faction colors are still the same (black on black).

I think something basic about how faction colors are displayed got changed with my new installation.  I could potentially copy in some files from my previous installation.  But I don't want to do anything that could end up triggering more bugs. 

Sounds like ideally someone who deals with faction modding might be able to help me just to change the display colors, if not the entire faction display.

Buster's Uncle:
That was one of the first things I thought of, but I don't see how that would do it.  It stands to reason that the only way an alteration of the faction colors would fix it is if your University graphic was corrupted in the first place.


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