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Yitzi's Unofficial SMAX patch 3.5c

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Yitzi's Unofficial SMAX patch 3.5c;sa=view;down=349

This should fix the crash that some people encountered during the native units' turn.

I've played AC since 1999 but have never tried any of these alternate versions. I downloaded Binary Dawn and the 3.5 patch.  How do you use these? I don't see an EXE file to install. Are these supposed to be moved into the AC folder? I wanted to put these in a new folder so I don't disturb the original files.

Good idea with folder copying. Download basic 3.5 first, then the patch 3.5c.
There is link to terranx.exe, find it above stats:
Filesize: 2.93MB  Views: (422)  Downloads (253)  Last Download: Today at 19:43

The link to 3.5 base:;sa=view;down=346

I downloaded everything I'm supposed to download, AFAICT, both Binary Dawn, basic 3.5 and patch 3.5. The only EXE file I see is terran.exe and it doesn't do anything when clicked upon. How do I install these files so I can play this alternate version?

Okay, I found the patch readme with installation instructions, thanks.


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