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The Alpha Centauri MP ladder launched!


sisko: is launching The Alpha Centauri MP ladder!
Easy to register and easy to follow with the ladder newsletter! Play with opponents of your own level. You decide when to move up!
Just challenge another player online and then record the match result (IP or PBEM).
Need a balanced scenario, just ask one from our CMNs.
No confusing ranking systems - if you win your match you move up!
Spice things up with player profiles and game commentaries on the forum.
Find yourself new opponents!

Are you already playing with your friends? Just register and submit your result!
Tired of playing against dumb AIs? Register and challenge a real opponent!
Are you a MP begginer? Sign up for 'Very Green' and play someone of your own level.
You can be the first to enter a result! You can be the ladder's first champion!

Our system: each player occupies a "rung" on the ladder and players challenge each other to games. If the higher ranked player wins, there's no change in the ladder. If the lower ranked player wins, they move up the ladder to the rung immediately above the defeated player.

Current standings:

Find out more here:


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