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The newsletter of the Alpha Centauri ladder - poll!


In this thread you will find the content of every issue of the newsletter.
To receive it by email you will have to sign up for the ladder in the admin thread here is the link)
To stop receiving it you will have to unsubscribe from the ladder in the same thread.

Please take the time to vote on the above poll (multiple options are allowed). I will make a decision on the frequency based on your votes.

Newsletter issue #1 - 04.03.2011

Hello everybody,

You receive this newsletter because you have signed up for the Alpha Centauri lader at or because you have expressed your interest in receiving updates about this ladder.

Players that have signed up for the ladder:
link to the current standings:

The following players have to state whether they are available for challege or not: zsozso, SgtSlick.
Players can choose to not be available for challenges, but this will confine them to the Veteran section of the ladder.
Quote from the rules:
"Challenges are the only way to move up the ladder in the Elite section. Any player may challenge any other player to a game provided they are both available for challenge. Challenges must be accepted if the challenger is immediately below the player challenged or if the player being challenged is not currently involved in any challenge game. If neither of those conditions is met, the challenge may be declined or deferred. Of course, players may play as many challenge games simultaneously as they desire."
So, even if you choose to participate in the Elite section, you will only have to play 1-2 games at a time.

Registered users interested in the ladder:

The following users are yet to sign up for the ladder: Eclipse4449, Eldramatico. Signing up can be done in the admin thread:
You should state whether you are available for challege or not.

Other players interested in the ladder and yet to register:
Michael Montgomery - the only unbeatten AC player
These players will receive the newsletter as they showed interested in receiving updates about the competition.

Players not replied yet:
I have another two players that are yet to reply to my invitation.

Ongoing challenges:

Ongoing free-for-all (FFA)

Potential ladder games:
the WPC ladder games provided all involved the players will register at

The draft of the rules can be found here:
The rules will become official once the first ladder game will start, so feel free to comment / make proposals in that thread.

A poll was created about the frequency of this newsletter here:!/
Please take the time to vote on the above poll (multiple options are allowed). I will make a decision on the frequency based on your votes.

Hi, for the question  when the newsletter should be sent I would say weekly or monthly AND when there is an important event


--- Quote ---..AND when there is an important event
--- End quote ---
i changed the poll to allow multiple choices


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