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Friend or Foe?

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This is the turn tracking thread for the "Friend or Foe?" play-by-email (PBEM)
SMAX v2.0 game, difficulty level: Transcend
Game setup  thread is here:

Cult of Planetdemiurgredmn2121atgmailDotcomPeacekeepersArmageddonmanfred [.] wichmann {@} consanita [.] deHivet_rasmartin [_] t {@} netvision [.] net [.] il

Important notes:
1. Additional game rules - see first post here:
2. Tech trading is not allowed during the whole game.
3. In case of inactivity of any player, the turn will be 'pushed' after 5 (five) days. Obviously out-of-town and vacation periods are excluded if properly announced in this thread - the game will be stalled during these periods.
4. Default action to be taken on non-responsive player for mutiple times in a row: the faction will be turned to the AI.
5. The AI is not enhanced. All AI factions have their first base deployed at the start of the game.
6. You don't have the commlinks of the other factions so you should look in the alphaX.txt file for the following line:
"If non-zero, humans can always contact each other in hotseat/email games" and set the switch to 0 (zero). This is to avoid questions like: "Have we made contact or not?"
7. Remember: cooperative victory is not enabled, so watch you back!

Is this an advertisement for a new PBEM game, or what?

definitely foe ;marr;

please read the first post in this thread.
game is launched now. Good luck!

@demiurg: if you want to change your change research goal (check F2 screen), you should do it in the first turn to avoid losing RP. use SHIFT+R for that.

email :  florin79cATyahooDOTcom


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