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Venus and Jupiter cuddling up in night sky

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Buster's Uncle:

--- Quote ---Venus and Jupiter cuddling up in night sky
By MARCIA DUNN | Associated Press

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) — It's not too late to catch the spectacular Venus and Jupiter show.

On Monday and Tuesday evenings, the planets will appear just 3 degrees apart in the western sky. The gap has been narrowing since last month.

The two planets are visible every night at twilight. Venus is brighter because of its relative closeness, compared with super-far-away Jupiter.

Even though the gap will widen, the planets will appear remarkably close all week and be easily visible the rest of this month. So says astronomer Tony Phillips, author of the website. Grab a small telescope, and you can also catch Jupiter's four largest moons.

Astronomers consider it the best evening tag-up of Venus and Jupiter in years. In July, early-risers will be treated to a similar spectacle, in the eastern sky at daybreak. Phillips says throw in the crescent moon, and it "will be worth waking up for."
--- End quote ---

Yeah, we got Mars out and visible too.  Coupled with unseasonably warm temps and I'm thinking of digging out my telescope and bemoaning the fact I never got the camera adapter. 

Buster's Uncle:
Yeah, it's not much of a news story, but definitely worth it to let people know to go out and look...

I do have a TV adapter for the telescope though.  I'm hesitant to break out my TV setup, though.  Last time it ended up a big party at our place after dark and some kid fell and broke his arm.  Lawsuit waiting to happen if it happens to the wrong kid. 

Buster's Uncle:
Still, you've got the one thing I envy about y'all as lives in the arid wastes of the west - good seeing.  Here among the mountains and the trees is a good place to live, but the seeing sucks.


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