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Welcome, Eclipse4449!


Welcome to our forums, Eclipse4449!

You should visit our help section to get acquainted with the way our boards are functioning.

Enjoy your stay,

Thank you for the invite!  I am proud to be here at

I have been a PBEM player since the option became available, Thanks SId!!

My Personality/Attitiude (a little about me)
Regardless of the game type I inject an RPG element, each unit I create gets a name but remains clear what it is.  I assume the Role of that leader and during diplomatic exchanges value how one is addressed.
The exception a fast pace ladder game.

I am absolutely unpredictable and this game unlike any other, I Love the diversity of unit creation
But to be so bold, I hate "Blind Research" with a passion, I feel if you want unpredictablility, that option should be turned off and your imagination turned on!

I am not impressed by players that use loop holes in the game code, I play using standards rules and concepts and orders the game creator intended. (an example; I use contenental rally points which includes the act of auto moves (not moving manually).  I would never on the last turn of a workers job completion give that worker a new job at the end of that turn.  I have seen and heard it all  ::).

I want to play
Ladder Games, RPG games, Sids Scenarios, Custom Scenarios, Player created scenarios, Demo-Games and Concept games.


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