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This is the thread where you can:
- sign up for the ladder (please choose Elite / Veteran)
- announce challenges
- place notices about nonresponsive players
- submit game results
- notify your holiday and out-of-town periods
- notify your retirement.

I'd like to sign up  :)

hello, zsozso. good to see you here. :)
i added your handle to the Green section of the ladder:

i need to know if you are available for challenges.

--- Quote ---Challenges

Challenges are the only way to move up the ladder in the Elite section. Any player may challenge any other player to a game provided they are both available for challenge. Challenges must be accepted if the challenger is immediately below the player challenged or if the player being challenged is not currently involved in any challenge game. If neither of those conditions is met, the challenge may be declined or deferred. Of course, players may play as many challenge games simultaneously as they desire.

--- End quote ---

if you choose not to participate in the challenges, you will be confined to the veteran section where you will be able to play free-for-all (FFA) games only.

also, you can take advantage of the on-going ladder games from other sites if all other players involved in these games will register for this ladder.

--- Quote ---Note: all the results of the ongoing / finished ladder games at the time this competition is launched (TBA) can be entered in the Alpha Centauri Ladder provided the game was a ladder game, the players are registered here and there is a public record of the results.
--- End quote ---

sign me up, can play ip (which i'd prefer) and pbem, i have hamachi installed etc.. Have SMACX.

welcome, SgtSlick!  you're in:

same problem as zsozso, though: i need to know if you are available for challenges.
(players can choose to not be available for challenges, but this will confine them to the Veteran section of the ladder)


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