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GotM Mar 2012: Zookeepers


GotM Mar 2012: Zookeepers

Your mission:
Jack Hannah III, as Head of Security, you will have to restore order to the zoo. This means taking control of the exibit places scattered over the map. There are, of course, disgruntled animals all over the place, ready to transform your mission in a living hell.

1) Download the zip file and place it into your main game directory. Usually this is: C:Program FilesFiraxis GamesSid Meier's Alpha Centauri
2) Unzip it there.
3) Start up SMAX, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then go to the subdirectory "1203ZookeeperGotM" and choose the scenario.
4) The game will automatically load with the Zookeepers faction.

Lots of things have been moded including factions, units, tech tree, native life and fungus appearance. You can discover everything using the in-game datalinks.

Important note: The ability named : ) [like the smilie] acts as the artillery ability for units that have non psi weapons and armor. This ability is also used to design units that have both psi armor and psi weapons. It will not function as artillery on psi units, but using psi units is very inexpensive in this scenario and also highly recommended for survival.

- no additional "bases" can be built (you're starting with 3 such "bases": The Zoo Security HQ, The Tour Boat Start Point and The Outpost);
- no raising/lowering terrain is allowed;
- no tech trading;

The standings will be calculated using the following criteria (in this exact order):
- the difficulty level of the scenario;
- number of objectives reached (each 'base' is an objective); you start with 3, minimum required for submission is 4, maximum is 14);
- number of turns needed to reach the objectives;
- the "Zookeeper Alpha Centauri score".

On the same difficulty level, the player with most objectives will hold a superior position.
On the same number of objectives, the scenario completed in less turns will outweigh the others.
If there will be more than one submission still tied, the Zookeeper Alpha Centauri score will decide the winner.

You can check at any time the number of objectives reached using the '=' key.
The scenario ends when you get the 'Mission completed' popup. Please save before taking the last base!
Don't forget to inform us on the moves needed to complete the mission (if any).

Downloads link for Transcend difficulty level:;sa=view;down=77


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