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Ok, I decided to try being CMN for the 1st is the scenario.
it goes a sfollwos:
the scenario is for 4 human 3 AI:

The goal is pair victory of two humans which can not be military.The map is visible, but fog of war is activated, so it is more realistic.
All have all the comlinks and may use it, as I believe it is more realistic also.

I'll the send randomly the first tuen to one of the players and then he'll randomly send to the next one untill we finish the first round and all have factions.

I already have one player, any one else?


I will gladly play, I'm in

so u did moved it here. still in for the game  florin79cATyahooDOTcom

I'll play.

I have a couple of questions.

How are the pairs decided?

How are the factions picked?

If preferences matter, my faction choices are: University, Drones, Gaia, PK [and I really don't want to play PK if I can help it, all of the others are fine]

random random random...


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