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Buster's Uncle:
I've been missing the :broc: as a way to express jubilance, and Rym's fuldan thing inspired me.  :danc:

[Attn: sisko.  While I was installing it dancing Lal, I found the problem with the :1st: smilie and several others since the site upgrade was that for some reason, they were no longer in PortaMx set.  I couldn't figure out how to add them back there -I have a copy of every WPC smilie- so I changed the default set.]

Does anyone have any requests?  Most smilies aren't that hard to make, if not animated, and I personally prefer that we have our own versions of most everything.  At least, let's look for stuff outside the traditional ones of the civ community.

I think I better go install all the SMAC(X) leaderhead smilies right now...

Buster's Uncle:
 :danc:  ;aki;  ;caretake;  ;cha;  ;deidre;  ;domai;  ;lal;  ;marr;  ;miriam;  ;morgan;  ;roze;  ;santi;  ;ulrik;  ;yang;  ;zak;

And while I was in there, I got a teeny bit carried away...

 :bot: :luv: ;b; ;q; ;notes; ;excite; ;nuke; ;nutz; ;grrr ;troll ;uno ;chef; ;bu;

Buster's Uncle:
Not getting overwhelmed with a million smiles no one uses and a roster so big you can never find what you want promptly would be great, but I do think we have room for a few more.  Taking requests...


Buster's Uncle:
That would be an expression of approval?


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