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[Gaian Pamphlet] The Nature of Things


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The memory of Earth is that of a dream that evades all efforts at recall, yet remember we must, for our shared future lies in the past. Like Earth, Planet's ecology is an interlaced system delicate and fragile, yet one which boggles the mind with her complexity. The intrusion of mankind's intervention here can be summarized as disastrous, at the very best. It is us who are the alien, the unwanted here. Yet we embrace the earth before us as though it was our.. promised Eden.. our preordained destiny! What is our place in this strange new world? Like Earth, we shall be doomed to repeat the same ecological diasters that had raised oceans to sweep away the millions, recreate the very stage of calamity with the hands that had stretched to Planet with hope! Have we not changed? Have we not learnt?

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The University unravels mystery beyond our comprehension, yet they learnt not their simplest lessons. The Hive aspire order and control to bring forth efficiency in government and indeed the whole is greater than the sums of its parts, if not for the stunted development of its people. The Believers hide in the shadow of their God, and they cling on to their belief He shall make everything alright for their childish mistakes. The Spartans claimed survival in arms but the warmongers are the worst hypocrites. They live only for the day. They are blind for they cannot comprehend tomorrow and tomorrow's needs. The Morganites seek fulfillment in their wealth and the instant, selfish gratification of luxury, for they know tomorrow for them may never come.

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We must realize, henceforth, that we are neither alone, nor can we be cut off from the intimate web of co-relationships in the greater scheme of things. Today we are alien here, but tomorrow we shall accept her as home. We sought to forge a home under a harsh, alien sky, we tilled the expanse of earth that ran red as blood as far as the eye can see and the mind can comprehend, we cupped our hands on waters that did not know us, nor love us with the hurricanes it raised to tear our homes like straw. Today, our home bring us warmth, safety and many smiles. Tomorrow, our home shall rejoice with the dance of awakened spring and our feet shall be fleet with joy. All these because we sought not to dominate Planet, but understand her and make our peace in coexistence so one would not do without the other. All these because we know tomorrow will come and make plans to celebrate its coming. We shall bend when the wind blows, and drink our fill when the sky opens.
Do you want to live your life with the same abundance and exuberance as we do?
-Lady Deidre Skye, "Planet as Our Hope"

->Notes (again, by the author): As propaganda, it starts off with the gloom and doom people understands and can relate to as something very disturbing. Then it seeks to pair the mood induced by the gloom and doom to unfair generalizations of the other factions while insinuating a "wisdom for tomorrow" and "higher enlightenment" view for the Gaians without being too specific or trying to sound too biased. It tries to invoke oft-used and faulty perceptions (people want a happy ending to a story, people's perception of the other factions, the constant usage of "us" and "we" to appeal to the "I'm on the right side" mentality, etc) and emotions in favor of its own cause while avoiding logic that can be refuted.

This pamphlet was written by PersonaNonGrata.
Disclaimer (by the author): I'm not very good at this, but I thought it might be fun to get into the spirit of things after reading Morgan's pamphlet.

source: "The Chiron Archives" website (now down)


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