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--- Quote from: BUncle on February 17, 2012, 02:25:42 PM ---Bases7;sa=view;down=56

9 structures adapted from Galactic Civilizations 2, laid out to copy/paste into the .pcx of your next custom faction.  These are a lot of work to put together, so please be sure to credit me in the empty space of the .pcx.

Thanks to I Have No Name for the GC2 files I worked with.

--- End quote ---

Strange... I see an image saying "Sorry, you are not allowed to view this file. Make sure you are connected to the server."

Buster's Uncle:
I'll have a look at the permissions settings; meanwhile, try again and make sure it's not a connection glitch or something with the server...

Buster's Uncle:
That should be fixed, now - it seems to have defaulted the permissions only to lurkers.  I'll see about changing the defaults, or get sisko on it if I can't find where to do it.

Still no dice for me sorry. :( Same message.

Buster's Uncle:
Can you see the Mods submenu Art Modding?  Can you open it?  Same problem with the other bases files?


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