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Buster's Uncle:

This was a roleplay story related to a SMAX DG.  I doubt I'll ever finish it with the DG long over.  Pity; the two chapters I wrote were going well.

Buster's Uncle:
Bumped for Jarl's attention - the story linked above is one I did about a Unity janitor.  I think maybe Carl and Vasilly would get along.

Vazheli and him would probably get along. Probably not in the way Alan would ... get along with him but you know what I mean.

Funny how Carl is called Comrade.. the People Republic of Australia. Communist Miner revolt?  ;lol

Buster's Uncle:
I never thought the Australia thing through, but the coincidence of that being in there with my Unity janitor is something else, isn't it?

Buster's Uncle:
...You know, it's a pity that this story was designed to bounce off other stories that ended up not happening.  The two chapters I got done still strike me as VERY good.

I think I should see if I can put heads together with Mart and Vishniac and come up with some sort of end to work towards - that would give me enough to keep going...


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