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Buster's Uncle:

We wanna see your stuff.

This being an Alpha Centauri forum, we're biased in favor of SMAC(X)-oriented writing, but don't let that stop you if you've got something good. 

Off the top of my head, about the only rule I'd lay on everyone is to comment and let the author know what you think -it's pretty much all the payment they get for the hard work that went into entertaining you - and to not clutter up story threads with comments unless the story is already finished.  If the author hasn't already started a comment thread for something in progress, go ahead and start one.

We can talk about Planet Tales forum issues here, of course; like everything at ac2, this forum is for you, and we want your feedback and ideas for making things better.

Question: I have an idea (though not for right now) for a story-oriented Let's Play (i.e. the goal isn't so much the game per se, as to play through it and use it to present a particular perspective on the main AC story); would that belong in this forum, or a different one?

Buster's Uncle:
According to sisko, that would definitely be here, and he makes a convincing case.  Wherever you like is fine by me, though, but here is probably best.  I would promote such a thing in my Building a Community thread and other places to help it get noticed...

@Yitzi: here is the link to the discussion for your reference:

Buster's Uncle:
I should clarify something I meant to indicate in the OP - fanfic (or original fic) is welcome here.  SMACX fanfic is preferred, but not required.  Your Doctor Who -or whatever- story is fine.

Please though - forum-wide standards of decency apply, so no graphic porny stuff.  I apologize in advance for the swear filter, but no, I can't turn it off for one subforum.

Talking story is encouraged - I've started a(n unorganized) thread about common mistakes to avoid, and I'd like to see more of that kind of thing.  Workshop discussion and all sorts of writing-oriented activity would be wonderful.


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