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--- Quote from: Earthmicheal ---I would be interested in getting into a 1 on 1 or team game of SMAC or SMACX, if you know anyone interested in playing.
I think a 2x2 (each of us taking two factions) on the vet map makes for a good game.  But I would be interested in his viewpoint.

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--- Quote from: roninscg ---I'm interested for game, and if he is the best player you have ever met I will gladly play with him, I love the challenges and impossible situations, game is more interesting as such :)
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first we have to decide on the game setup and preferences.

@roninscg: do you want to play on the vets map with 4 factions (2 factions for each of you) like Earthmichael suggested, or do you want a classic game on a random map (with balanced starting positions) each of you controlling just one faction?

As for me I agree to play 1 vs1 (2x2 (each of us taking two factions)), Veterans_04 map, SMACX :)
I just set one condition: both of us play random faction.

What is your opinion? Do you agree?

I don't like taking random factions because the game can effectively be over before it is even started.  There are some factions that are just plain lousy, there are some factions that are better suited to one map or another, etc.

What I thought was a good balance was that each of us pick the two factions that we want without the other player knowing our pick, and that the faction choices are restricted by the rules below.

Faction choice rules:

1. Aliens and Pirates are not allowed.  They would have absurd advantages on the Vets map.

2. Two of the same faction cannot be selected, although the blind picks may end up with opposing teams having one or more factions in common.  For example, we may both independently choose to have Gaia as one of our factions, but we cannot choose a team consisting of Gaia and Gaia.

3. At most one faction can be selected from: University, CyCon, Morgan.  (A faction from this list does NOT have to be chosen.  You can choose both factions from outside this list.)

4. We can each ban a single faction from consideration.  So if there is some faction you really don't want either of us to play, you can remove it from selection.

5. Once we select our factions, we email them to our moderator.  But our faction choices are not revealed to each other.

Do these faction choise rules work for you?  If not, can you suggestion some faction choice rules you can live with?  But not random; I just can't see playing random factions against a real person.

Are there any other rules you would like to have in the game?  Here are a couple of suggestions from my previous games:

1. I would prefer to ban attrocities.  Normally, these are balanced with computer player anomosity, but with no computer players, attrocities are only balanced by the single faction that we have trade with.  But remember with attrocities banned, you cannot even nerve staple.  So think carefully before you agree.  If you want to allow attrocities, I will go with that, but I know from past experience that attrocities will be used freely and often if allowed.

2. I would perfer to ban copters.  I don't feel too strongly about this, if you want to use them, but I think that are way too powerful because of how many times they can attack in a single turn.  Contrast that with Needlejets which can only attack once, and cannot move after attacking.

 Faction choise rules you suggest is ok for me, and i agree.

1. ban attrocities - ok
2. ban copters - ok


 which version of the game? patch? mod? you suggesting

p.s. My English is bad sorry :)


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