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Buster's Uncle:
I'm aware of a few subtle hints that our leader likes Star Trek, at least fake Star Trek, and I know I LOVE the REAL Star Trek, so let's talk about it...

[EDIT:  I want to interject that I'm teasing my friend and forum co-owner for a page or two here, and I don't think I ever stated explicitly in this thread until today, nearly 3.5 years later, that I am a fan of TNG/DS9/Voyager/and even Enterprise who watched them all pretty much in full and enjoyed them and wished they were better - and that the original had flaws.  I have written professionally a little and acted professionally (if wildly underpaid semi-pro stuff) a fair amount, and I do have a high opinion of my own opinions, claiming extensive knowledge of the subject and what goes into making it work as I do - but I don't want to put fans of TNG-era ST off.  Love what you love, proclaim your love and engage me and the other fans courteously.  You're wanted here.

We love Star Trek, and want to talk about it.

AbramsTrek love will be treated with respect towards the member expressing, but your ideas will tend to need extremely vigorous and articulate defense, not least because you couldn't be wronger. ;):D]


--- Quote from: BUncle on February 19, 2012, 05:18:39 PM --- I'm aware of a few subtle hints that our leader likes Star Trek, at least fake Star Trek...

--- End quote ---
why fake?

Buster's Uncle:
I'm just old-school with the Trek, and being nasty about it. ;D

Buster's Uncle:
I heard a rumor that you like the Commander/Captain from Star Trek: Babylon 5, but where's the evidence of that?

well, at that time, the national television in my country had no money to spend on some new Star Trek series so i had to watch the entire DS9 series on cable in Italian language. can you imagine Sisko "parlare l'italiano"?  :o


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