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Custom avatars - FREE ON REQUEST - ask here!!!

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Is it possible to upload a personal avatar or do you have to choose from the existing ones (or ask BUncle to add your own to the public ones)?

you can buy a custom avatar from our shop for a mere 200EC :)
EC can be earned by posting (1EC each post) and starting new threads (5EC each new thread)

Buster's Uncle:
I'm definitely going to upload a full(er) set of SMAC(X) avatars, but lately, I'm as busy as a satyr at the Playboy mansion.  But it is going to happen one of these days, in consultation with my partner, and those official ones are free to put on -or change, I think- at no charge.

Naturally, I will take requests for custom avatars.  Here is good as anywhere...

I gotta look into this EC thing and see what it's all about. I couldn't imagine a forum with BUncle on it and no custom avatars! You do some seriously good work, man!

EC (energy credits) are displayed in post bits under the number of posts you made.
EC are earned by posting but can also be gifted.


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