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Buster's Uncle:

18 structures adapted from Galactic Civilizations 2, laid out to copy/paste into the .pcx of your next custom faction.  These are a lot of work to put together, so please be sure to credit me in the empty space of the .pcx.

Thanks to I Have No Name for the GC2 files I worked with.

This is the best-looking collection of bases I've put together since Bases3, I think, and my first-ever AC2 exclusive art modder goodie file - but not my last...

I really like the second to last towers on the right side. They are close to what I was wanting for Realm originally. In fact I like a good half of this lot, well done. :D

Buster's Uncle:
It's luck of the draw, really - I'm just working through the files Name provided me in alphabtical order, and this happened to have more winners than a lot of the sets.  These are not as much work as cutting structures out of screen shots, but they all came with white halos around them that I have to deal with, none are ever the right size and porportions, and many are set at strange angles and/or have perspective problems - they never take less than 20 minutes apiece to whip into shape, and sometimes as much as an hour.  It adds up.

I'm sure anybody who uses these appericates the work you put in, hey. :) I know I would!


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