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EDIT: I've updated the faction graphic to have better walls. :)

Hey everybody! I've been working on a custom faction. I'd like some balance suggestions on what could make it viable!

Unfortunately, the commlinks don't work just yet, but scient is coming back in March, so here's hoping...

LEADER: Empath Lindly
BACKGROUND: Aide to Deirdre Skye, Gaian Acolyte
AGENDA: Telepathic society
TECH: Centauri Ecology

+1 PROBE: Dedicated to emotional communication and manipulation
-1 INDUSTRY: Populace preoccupied with mental development
-1 MORALE: Prefers to unify rather than destroy
Immune to negative SUPPORT modifiers.
Begins with two random commlink frequencies.
May not use Free Market economics.

Buster's Uncle:
What do you mean about comlinks?

One of the faction powers is starting with two other players as contacts. This is, however, not actually working in the normal game, despite it being an official thing.

Buster's Uncle:
Are you sure you formatted it right? 

How would one add a random facility, anyway?  It seems to reason, from what I know of faction .txts, that you'd have to choose which two commlinks, or something, which wouldn't be the same unless you were playing a game with those two factions.

Scient has already fixed it. :) It's in alpha.txt:

;   COMMFREQ    = Gets an extra comm frequency (another faction to
;                 talk to) at beginning of game. (Parameter is ignored)

He was like "this actually did nothing"


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