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I want to make an educational and halaal modification to SMAC/SMACX where the Sunni Gaians faction plays an ideal politic based on Sunni Islamic law to teach people about Islam :)  May you receive more positive energy than you gave reading this post!

Buster's Uncle:
For faction graphics, we're down to the University (I need to know what you want done with the attached image; my inclination is to use the curvy one on the left) and the Morganites (a solar panel is not exactly what the faction has always stood for - might I suggest the second attachment, evoking as it does, stock charts? 

(BTW, it was rude to announce you released my work into the public domain without discussing it with me.  Actually, as I derivitive work, I held few legal rights and released them into the public domain already myself when I posted them without a notice retaining any rights not held by the owner(s) of Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire.  So no harm done, but next time you should talk to me first.)

Give me the word, and I'm on those faction graphics.

OK sure lol forgive me about the whole RIGHTS thing and all hehe & go ahead with the graphics

Buster's Uncle:
Forgiven; now you know - no big deal.

I'll get right on those graphics.

What are your plans as far as getting the word out to gaming Muslims when you're ready?

Buster's Uncle:
Be sure and playtest this to make sure it looks okay in-game.  You can just dump the .pcx in your root folder and replace the University graphic.  Let me know what you think.


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