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Rescuing AC's official website - saved by BUncle

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@Buncle: what do you have? on what format?

Buster's Uncle:
Mostly .htm files.  A few of them, .mtm.  I had about 3/4 of the stuff saved, and then things got real busy, and I had to prioritize.

What's left is mostly stuff like the wallpapers.  I have all of the Leader profiles -and it's been a few weeks; I'd have to look to tell you exactly.  I guess finishing and saying "everything" would be more useful than a list.

anything we can do about the missing 1/4?
what's the size of the save and how do we want to make it available?

Buster's Uncle:
I can resume saving stuff until I'm done. 

No big individual files, I think, but it's a lot of stuff, collectively.  The best thing would be to host it all as it was on the Firaxis site, of course.  Do we have the capacity for that sort of thing?

Buster's Uncle:
I'm not seeing any individual files bigger than 530kb in a cursory inspection, but I haven't checked all the subfolders the .htms use.  Everything I have so far comes to 6.7Mb, collectively.


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