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Post if you're not a bot! (And how did you find us?)

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Buster's Uncle:
Hello, I'm the other admin here - sorta sisko's junior partner/site co-owner, and we love our feedbots, but they're just no doggon good for striking up a conversation with.  Now that we've gotten serious about building AC2 into an active forum, I'm sorta curious how many human being we have signed up and checking by.  Post and say hello - chat me up.  Whatever.

Glad to have you here at the first ever forum I'm aware of to be By SMACers, FOR SMACers, and not an afterthought on a forum about something else.  I hope we can have some good conversation here.

Hello fellow humans! I. Am. Kilkakon. I like capes, I like cute things but most of all I love my God and helping people and trying to make them happy.

Glad to meet new people. :)

Hi, I'm Rymdolov, a slightly geeky guy living in Sweden. I think we'll all have a good time here!


I believe you! :D Hello!


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