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Buster's Uncle:
This is the place to discuss the creative end of modding AC, especially the visual art, with experienced artists who know a few tricks.

I've done this extensively at other places, and I have a lot of how-to posts to copy over when I can stomach going back to get them.  In the meanwhile, I want to encourage newbs interested in modding to ask questions, and even show me your work, if you think it's not worth it's own thread.  I will treat you with respect, and do my best to help.

As far as specific instructions for how to do what on your graphics program, I know Photoshop 5, GIMP, and am learning Photoshop CS, which is not that different.

Let's talk graphics!

What sort of tutorials do you think that we should provide people? I'm pretty confident in my package (PhotoImpact 6) and don't feel the need for tutorage, although I'm sure that others are willing to learn various things.

Buster's Uncle:
Pretty much, I want to copy over what I already had, and be ready to answer questions.  Of course, if someone has PhotoImpact 6, I'd expect you to jump in - any thime you see a question first that you know the answer to, really.

Sure of course. :D It's quite an old package (current version is 13, and it's very different!) but I got it for free from a computer mag CD, and I use it for everything. Really was just generating activity. ;)

Buster's Uncle:
Well, please keep doing that - I hate it when I make a few comments and end up with all the last posts.  Have a good day.


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